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Full Structural Survey      (Inspection)

What’s involved and who is it suitable for ?

Full Structural Survey


  • Who carries out the survey

    This is carried out by an experienced Chartered Civil Engineer, Chartered Structural Engineer, Chartered Building Engineer or Building Surveyor, with expert knowledge of building inspection, building construction, structural defects, and repairs and at least 10 years qualified. Our full structural survey (inspection), assesses the building’s construction, structural integrity and stability and outlines the structural defects. We use  experienced, seasoned, professionals, depending on specific requirements, who undertake a detailed survey (inspection) of the building and then produce a report in a specific format as per our standard terms and conditions. 

  • What type of property is it recommended for

    We usually recommend this type of survey for older properties but it can be undertaken on any property, as we undertake the same detailed checks, but older properties usually tend to flag up more defects in our experience. We also inspect properties of non-standard construction such as BISF steel framed houses, Cornish type, post- war houses, no-fines concrete houses, Timber frame houses and Commercial buildings.

  • How detailed is the report

    The Survey (Inspection) Report varies in length, depending on the condition of the building and number of
    defects but is commonly 60+ pages in length, with an easy to follow summary and list of recommended
    repairs or recommendations. (The report does not include hidden items)

  • How is the report laid out

    The report provides you an in-depth  description of how the property is constructed, with an easy to read conclusion, using
    structural condition ratings,  so that you can understand what requires attention, so you can prioritize any repairs. 

  • Does it include costs

    It does not include direct costs but  recommends a way of costing  repairs that may be required.

Survey in detail

The survey (inspection) is a non-intrusive, visual survey, subject to our standard terms and conditions. We don’t undertake detailed calculations, or measurements in this report as a rule, but may recommend further investigation in this respect, should we feel it necessary. The report focuses on the following:

  • Roof

    Internal, visual inspection of the type of roof trusses, layout of rafters, ceiling
    joists, purlins, purlin struts and ties, and their general condition. Inspection of internal
    party and gable walls in the roof space. Inspection for insect infestation (wood boring beetle).

  • We measure the timber moisture content and inspect for timber rot, in main structural timber members that support the roof. Externally, (from ground level), we check the roof lines, ridges, verges, or hip ridges, valleys, and we identify external roof coverings, flashings, gutters and downpipes, barge boards, fascia, and soffit boards and also if roof ventilation is present or if required.  

  • Walls

    The load bearing walls support the roof and the upper floors. We determine the type of wall construction, and
    materials where visible. We identify, measure and categorize the cracks in load bearing walls in line with industry standards and we determine what is the cause, eg, thermal movement, bearing failure, lintel failure, settlement, suspected
    subsidence, or cavity wall tie failure. We also visually inspect internal load bearing walls and room openings, for the presence of structural members. If we can’t determine these are present, or suspect they are inadequate, then we may recommend additional measures, are undertaken outside the report, see below.

  • We check the overall Integrity of walls, undertake basic verticality checks, sill, head lintel, or bed joint level checks, where we think it is required. Where visible, we identify mortar type, surface degradation, and external wall degradation. We also check walls for high moisture levels and identify areas of suspected rising damp, hygroscopic salts and penetrating damp.
  • Floors

    Visual assessment of ground floors, first floors and upper level floors, including materials used and general construction.
    Identification of floors that have undergone movement. Identification of, excessive floor deflections and sloping floors.
    We undertake moisture content checks in floor joists, where access is possible and visible. We identify degradation of floor joists and check for insect infestation (wood boring beetle) and rot where floor joists are visible. We cannot remove floor coverings to inspect floor boards or joists. We undertake general floor levels checks in each room and identify excessive deflection, sloping floors where physically possible.

  • Foundations

    Identification and assessment of type of foundation construction, likely materials based on age of building and building acts in place at that time (if not visible or without construction drawings). Topography of the site, identification of foundation movement, related to wall and floor movements. 

  • Other items in this report include

    • Advice on some non-structural items such as ventilation of roofs,  and windows, minimum headroom and pitch of stairs, verge under-cloaking condition, and where visible, sarkin and flashings. Exclusions are clearly identified in the report and in our standard terms and conditions. 
    • Structural Condition ratings so you can plan the order of your repairs should any be required. 
    • Areas of concern to be followed up by the conveyancer such as building control approval from their local authority searches. We don’t undertake property searches, ourselves as this should be done by your solicitors during conveyancing.
    • Informed recommendations for repairs.
    • A way forward to estimate costs for any repairs or improvements and how to get them done. 
    • After hours explanation of your report and back up advice should you need it.
  • Sometimes if we find damp or structural defects, we may recommend a more in-depth assessment, or additional reports are required such as detailed structural calculation reports, high level, or close roof inspections, crack width monitoring, precise floor and ground elevation surveys, topographical or geotechnical surveys.  retrospective building regulation calculations, cavity wall inspections, more in-depth damp surveys and damp remediation, long term building movement monitoring. These types of reports may be carried out by us, or third parties and can also be subject to request and availability.

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Very impressed with Verano Structural Surveys. Competitive price, quick response to any queries. Fantastic detailed report compiled within 2 weeks. Would definitely use again, very good professionals.

Emyr Davies, Cardiff

  • Promptness of response: I had a quick quote and phone call, very prompt. The availability was good and the survey was done quickly
  • Quality of Service: They explained everything really well for me. The survey report was very well written, pictures and explanations were excellent.
  • Value for Money This was the least expensive quote I received
  • Professionalism start to finish. I would recommend to others.
S Jenkins

Cardiff Newport - Structural Survey Report

  • Supplier Feedback: Excellent. Responded quickly to my request and was polite and very professional. Report was finalised and sent to me within about 5 days as initially outlined. I would definitely use him again if needed.
  • Website Feedback: Supplier was easy to find on the web. They contacted me back almost immediately.
K Pulham

Llanelli - March 2023

  • Promptness of response:  Within the day
  • Quality of service:  Amazing detail to the best of their ability. Very reassuring
P Bell


  • Value for money: Good fast service, good report
  • Professionalism: Few issues with emails getting through that were quickly sorted
J Roberts

Rhondda Cynon Taf - August

  • Promptness of response:  I was extremely lucky to get a cancellation appointment                                                    Professionalism:  They  made the time to talk me through the report, after hours which was much appreciated.
P McMorran

Carmarthenshire - July

Dear Verano Surveys,

Yes, please, I agree to put my first name on your website as 'strongly recommend'. Your service saved my time and I can say so far that you are very reliable company. Everything was on time you kept all planned dates. I am really satisfied.

I will leave my feedback on Trust Pilot with 5 stars.

Kind regards,


Szymon Nowakowskid

Structural Survey, Glyncorrwg - August 2022

"Thank you so much for the quick turnaround. We're really happy with the report."
Stephanie Davies

Data Manager

"Thank you,  I just wanted to say a massive thank you, I appreciate how quick you were able to get into the property and produce the report. The level of detail is outstanding and I will be leaving a good review where ever possible, couldn't recommend you any more." - Kind regards, Liam

Liam Williams


"Excellent service"  "I called them to arrange it. I had the report in my hand the next week.  Really quick and they really knew what they were talking about." - "I would strongly recommend getting their survey report !"

Mr J Evans


"Very happy with the services and such timescale was completed in. They managed to fit the survey in with limited notice, to enable the next steps of my property purchase. Very reasonably priced and great services with a very comprehensive report. Thanks!"

Darcy Read-Jones


Emily needed our help! with a full structural survey and an intrusive survey  - old steel framed property

"I was a first time buyer and my mortgage lender advised me to get a survey on the property. I was recommended Verano Structural Surveys by the estate agent. I contacted them and they made it so easy and agreed to do it quickly. It was all stress free as they made arrangements through the estate agents to get the keys and go out for the survey but kept me up to date through it all. I needed a full survey including inside the cavity walls and steel frame as the mortgage company requested it as it was a steel framed property. They were so helpful and patient with me as it was all new to me. The survey report was in depth and explained everything so even I could understand it. Luckily we didn't have anything major things wrong with the house but it was worth it as it gave us piece of mind that we wouldn't get any unexpected costs. They were all around professional, helpful and patient. It made this part of buying a house stress free. I would highly recommend.'

E. Rose- Intrusive Structural Inspection Survey

South Wales

"Very well organised! We found them online, so called them for a full structural survey quotation on a property we were buying in Swansea. They weren't the cheapest but offered a quick turn around. We had our detailed survey report within 5 working  days as they promised. The report went into great depth, with a categorized list of issues and recommended repairs. We contacted a local builder they recommended for a detailed estimate and got the damp injection done by a specialist.  I am really pleased with their service, very well organised !" 

Nicolas Roland

Property Investor

Supplier Feedback: Excellent. Responded quickly to my request and was polite and professional. Report was sent within time. I would definitely use them again if needed.

Website Feedback: Supplier was easy to find on the web. - Structural Surveys, Llanelli

R James - March 2023

Supplier Feedback:  I have to say, in all the years I have been reading survey reports, that is up there with one of the best, very informative."

Laura  - Local Estate Agent - Branch Manager

Supplier Feedback:

Really pleased, I recommend using them !

"I had my offer accepted on a property . I ended up having a  Structural Survey and I'm glad I did. The report included every detail on the property with photos and an easy to read Conclusion with Condition ratings, showing me the severity and types of structural repairs required. I was surprised to find that the property had woodworm in the rafters inside the roof. The property was built in the 1960's but some loose planks that made up the loft walkway had woodworm and had spread to the roof timbers. Really pleased with the report."

Mr Loveluck


Guide to surveys and inspections of buildings and associated structures and subsidence

Published by The Institution of Structural Engineers

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 "It made this part of buying my house stress free. I would highly recommend them."  -Emily 




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